Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Day in Dorval

We spent Sunday afternoon in Dorval visiting Jeff's Great Uncle Ross and & Aunt Ann. So that would make them Ryan's Great Grand Uncle Ross and ... well, you get the point. We drove down late in the morning and arrived in time for a quick tour of the backyard and a splash on the steps of the pool. Ryan figured since he could step down into the pool where the steps where, he could do this all the way around the pool. We had to watch him a like a hawk.

We had a lovely lunch and then Ross, Jeff, Ryan and I went for a walk along the waterfront to a great park, with more play structures than kids! The only downside to the park - Mommy got bitten by sand fleas. Apparently they affect some and don't affect others. Well, me and sand fleas don't get along. I'm very, very sensitive to their bites. Anyhoo, back to the park. It was fabulous! We climbed in and around, up and down and all over every play structure. It was great and tuckered Ryan right out. He had a great nap when we got back to Ross', while the big kids took a dip. Ryan got up, we played some more, had a wonderful dinner and then hit the road to Ottawa.

We had a really great day! Ryan discovered planes and was quick to point them out by the end of the day. Being in Dorval, Ann & Ross' home is pretty much right under the flight path of all departing planes. Not so great for the residents... so much fun for Ryan. We also got to try water wings on him for the first time, since he hates being in one of those floating donuts. He wasn't crazy about being in the pool - I think it was a bit chilly for him - but he loved the water wings!

Thanks for having us, Ann & Ross! We look forward to seeing you again soon!


Lara said...

Sounds like fun!
K whined until I took off the water wings the one time I put them on him. oh well.

Anonymous said...

gotta love the slimer.
He's still cute with it!