Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Uh oh!

Ryan's at the "Uh oh!" stage. I love it! He dropped his toothbrush this morning - Uh oh! I dropped his pjs last night - Uh oh! He trips... well, you get the idea.

Ryan's also become very fond of spotting the plane in the sky. If he hears one, you'd better get him to a window & make it snappy! Then we search the sky for the plane and he points it out with his chubby little finger.

Sometimes, the chubby pointed finger comes to his forehead or his nose when he seems something. A dog incites the pointed finger, the "woa! woa!" response and the "Did you just hear what I heard? that's a dog!" look.

And when we're driving, he's constantly looking out the window and pointing at stuff. I'm not sure what yet but I'm trying to name things so that he catches on. He's smart, my little peanut! Shouldn't be long now.

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