Thursday, August 09, 2007

14 months already!

Today is Ryan's good friend Sophie's 1st birthday. I admit that when Ryan's first birthday hit, I was just too busy planning and organizing and running around to stop and think about how quickly the last year went by.

Well, tonight I did just that, right after my friend Vangie said that her little girl is 2 1/2 years old and the time has flown by! Ryan has changed a lot in the two months since his birthday even so I thought it would be good time for a quick recap of his latest tricks:

-he loves to climb on anything, especially up on the coffee table. He'll even wait until you're looking, almost as though he enjoys being caught in the act. Little bugger!

-he waves & says hi and bye at the right times. It's even the cute wave, that's the curl of his hand facing himself. No need to fix that now, it's adorable. He's so excited when we drop him off at daycare in the morning that he's saying bye to me as I'm taking him out of his carseat. Gimme a minute, here! Mommy needs to kiss you, hug you, kiss you again, then wave bye until I'm off the street & out of sight.

-he says "boo!" but with a lot of spit added to the mix. He picked this up from his Pappy. You say it to scare him and he spits it right back at ya!

-Ryan has started to protest to some things with more than the occasional whine. He will thrash in his carseat or highchair when he's had enough, or on his change pad when he's just not in the mood for a new diaper. It can be challenging but a quick song often works to distract him just long enough.

-he can also be quite the drama queen. When you say no or take something away from him, he'll slowly drop to his knees, drop his head, and cry as though it's the end of the world. We try not to laugh, but it's really, really hard! ;0)

-in the morning when Jeff & I are brushing our teeth, Ryan likes to get in on it and wanders around chewing on his own toothbrush. The past week or so, he's taken to brushing his hair in the morning too!

-while Ryan's always been an affectionate little guy, the past few weeks, he's been especially so. Always big snuggles in the morning & at the end of the day when I pick him up from daycare.

-Last but certainly not least, Ryan likes to boogie! My boy's got rhythm! well, if you count stomping your feet, swinging your arms and twisting your hips.

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Anonymous said...

You can't forget to add that he loves to make out with Sophie. Kisses all around!